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Car Patrol to address Human Trafficking
The Peoples Action

Our Programs

Women & Children Self Defense

The Peoples Army Self-Defense class exhibits a self-reliance program that enables children and women techniques that can save their lives. Several recent studies shown that females that have taken self-defense classes were able to avoid assaults all together. Giving free classes may help reduce the violence among children and women

Entrepreneur Workshop

Enjoy the social experience of a Black and Brown network of 1,000+ established and aspiring business owners. Get all the tools you’ll need to start and operate a business at Detroit’s first large-scale entrepreneur workshop. Gain valuable insight from experienced guest speakers.

Community Meetings

TPA's community meeting is a way to interact and engaged the community about our programs along with creating practical solutions from having a open dialogue with Michiganders. At our meetings we have resources available along with updates of new programs and activities that we have for the calendar year.


 Adopt The Block mission is to engage residents of the community to participate in revitalizing the neighborhood through landscaping, providing tangible resources & recreational activities. A proactive program geared to show value in the community. We welcome you to join us in changing the narrative of Detroit for the betterment of our neighborhoods.

Voter Education/Registration

 The Peoples Action creates Slate of endorsed candidates, along with canvassing and voter education videos. TPA frequently throws voter education events called "Why The Hood Should Vote."  TPA presences in the political community is very strong and we go out our way to make sure voters are inform about grassroots politicians 

Property Tax Exemption

The Peoples Action Provides a workshop to help save homeowners from loosing their home to Tax Foreclosure. We host workshops for the Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program Application. If you are a homeowner and have a low annual income, you may qualify to have your property taxes exempt or reduce for that calendar year. Our Action Members are dedicated in assisting Detroit homeowners with the application process by providing knowledge of what to have along with provisions to get necessary documents copied and printed. Please register online at our website and take our pre-screen to see if you qualify.


Our team works day and night to ensure that voters are informed and registered 



Our team works diligently to ensure our services are of high quality for the community. 

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Peoples Politics

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Peoples Economy

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 Peoples Community

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Peoples Army

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