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Coleman A Young

Coleman A Young served as a state representative for two terms and is currently sitting in the house of state senate. He's notably known for helping save the Charles Wright H. Museum . He also has voted to passed more civil rights legislations than most in the history of Michigan house of senate. 

City Council At Large

Brenda Jones

Brenda Jones currently serves as city council at large, she has been consistent in her voting record by always keeping the people in mind first. She has a program called The Skills Trade Taskforce that she host every last Tuesday of the month  for Detroiters.

City Council At Large

Mary Waters

Mary Waters previously served as a state representative and has a commendable voting record.  When serving as state rep she implemented a city charter provision that allow incentives for Detroit based businesses.

City Council District 1

Tamara Liberty Smith

Tamara Liberty Smith is a community activist and is notably known for fighting crime across the city. Particularly finding stolen cars in District 1 which has one of the highest car thefts in the country. She has a distinctive way in connecting with the youth via  large social media following.

City Council District 2

Roy McCalister

Roy McCalister served as a military solider for the U.S. Also served as an Detective in the Detroit Police Department. Roy is a very respectable candidate who serves his candidate with grace and decency. Roy has received United States Army Warrant Office Advance Leadership Course Award.

City Council District 3

Russ Bellant

Russ Bellant

Russ Bellant is a known community activist in Detroit. He served in the Army and also worked several years in the Detroit Water & Sewage  Department.  He currently works as chief of staff for Wendell Byrd. He has been very vocal against school closings in Detroit.

City Council District 4

Latisha Johnson

Latisha Johnson is a community organizer who sits as vice chair on the Board of Zoning Appeals and is the founder of  MECCA Development non profit. She helps to  make sure there's no overconcentration of marijuana dispensaries while ensuring that patients have access to medical cannabis. She currently helps develop skilled trade via her non-profit.  

City Council District 5

Mary Sheffield

Mary Sheffield is a high-power city council woman that has made many strides in  her first term in office. Mary has many community initiatives, including "Meet At The Corner which  galvanizes the youth. She recently passed her Inclusionary ordinance that allows more low income families to live in multi-development housing.  Mary also has the capabilities to attract star power in the city of Detroit. 

City Council District 6

Raquel Lopez

Raquel Lopez is one of the few city council people to go against the grain. She also was one of the two City council that did not vote for the Piston deal that gave collectively $62 million in taxpayer's dollars in exchange for outdoor basketball courts. Lopez also voted consecutively against water rate increases.  She recently passed the ordinance that replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples day.  

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