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What is Vote15K?

The Peoples Action has taken the initiative to concert 15,000 votes as one voice for every major city across the nation! No longer will we traditionally vote arbitrarily (randomly) for different candidates that shows no prudence for our communities. Those days are over, it has shown to be ineffective by large. With 15,000 voters or higher, we will be able dictate the direction of our City Council, Judges, City Managers, Mayors, State Representatives, State Senate, County Commissioners, County executives, Wayne County treasurers, Governor and etc. 

Inspired by the late great Mayor Coleman Young who was Detroit, MI first black mayor that was elected with the help of a slate.  A slate is a list of candidates trusted by a group of people that will receive their vote. TPA understands that on a local level, politics can work in your favor to some degree. Every election, we develop a slate of endorsed candidates, from a meticulous reviewing process. TPA wants you to pledge your vote, along with 14,999 others.

All you have to do is agree with the issues that are stated, sign the pledge card, attend the candidate forums to give your opinion on each candidate and then when called upon for whomever the endorsed candidates selected, get out and vote. As a pledge supporter, you will be invited to our endorsement meetings where candidates will present their game plan and you will be able to voice your concerns.

TPA is nonpartisan; we do not care if you are Republican, Green, Tea nor Democrat. Our only focus is what your agenda is for the underserved community. What is your agenda for the poverty rates that plagues specifically in the minority communities? What is your agenda for the blight epidemic? How will you saved people from losing their homes?  Inhumane water shutoffs? Gentrification where the minorities are being pushed out? Long-time businesses with denied lease renewals? More importantly do you have an economic agenda for the underserved residents. AND JUST AS EASY AS WE CAN VOTE YOU IN, WE CAN VOTE YOU OUT (RECALL)! THE TIME IS NOW!

As of now this is for anyone and everyone that lives in United States. If you are unregistered to vote, we can register you. If you are a felon, you still can vote in certain states, Michigan is one of them.

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